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HTT provides innovative automotive interiors that create value to our customers and communities through the practice of leading-edge technology and continuous improvement.

"As a leading automotive interior and accessary parts supplier in Thailand. We, Hayashi Telempu Thailand (HTT) are committed to be the best partner to our auto manufacturers and the best employer in the communities in which we live and work.

Due to the technological innovations involved in 'CASE', the very concept of automobiles is changing at a fast pace. To adapt to this constantly changing industry, we must transform ourselves to be able to provide more attractive values to our customers. We will acclimate to their new kinds of auto lifestyles and expectations through our innovative interior and accessories parts.

To realize our mission, we are focusing on developing our core strengths: our people. Our biggest strength is our ability to stay competitive in our industry through the pursual of the ideal balance of quality and cost. The second is our sense of teamwork. The spirit of One Team HTTis felt in each of our locations; this is seen through our team's dedicated engagement and our focus on continuous improvement.

As we enter the once-in-a-century period of transformation in the auto industry, we are committed to be a company of choice for our customers. This is all due to our employees, who possess the strengths needed to build our successful future. I appreciate your continued confidence and support to HTT."

August 2023
President, Member of the Board of Directors
Hayashi Telempu Thailand
Wataishi Kunihiko

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High Quality, Durable Products


    This carpet, which is our company's core product, is placed on the body floor.We deliver appealing products to our customers with a wide variety of materials and designs.


    This floor silencer, along with carpet, is our core component. It is placed on the body floor as a set with the carpet.We respond to customer requests with various materials.


    This cover, which protects the privacy of the luggage compartment, makes it easy to arrange the luggage compartment by winding up the cover and removing the cover itself when not needed.


    We supply genuine accessory parts with high quality and sophisticated design to car manufacturers. Our products enhance your vehicle's value.
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Career Opportunities

Invest in your future with an exiting career in manufacturing! HTT provides employees with a comprehensive benefits package, along with training and educational opportunities that will enrich your professional life.

  • + Diligence allowance
  • + Night shift fee
  • + Food allowance
  • + Overtime food allowance
  • + Annual health check
  • + Compensation Fund
  • + Provident fund
  • + Cost of living
  • + Uniform
  • + Medical expenses
  • + Financial assistance in case of fatal accident
  • + The co-host a funeral
  • + Fun For Family Day
  • + Company tour
  • + Commuter shuttle bus
  • + Retirement money
  • + Marriage Congratulations
  • + Child birth Congratulations
  • + Child birth Leave for suporse

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The needs for safety, environmental design and comfort continue to increase within the automotive industry.

Hayashi Telempu responds to these needs as a total supplier of automotive interior components.